About my latest read..

I picked up ‘Rhett Butler’s People’ by Donald McCaig at a book fair recently and I was thoroughly excited about it considering as how I am a die-hard fan of ‘Gone with the wind’. Well, the book is such a let-down that I couldn’t even finish half of it! There are situations here that never happened in the original at all. The author has me so confused that I have had to pull out my copy of GWTW just to refresh my memory thinking maybe I remember the story wrong. My husband assures me it can’t be so since I have probably read that book eight times.

I also have read ‘Scarlett‘ the sequel to GWTW. Even though it was panned by critics,I liked that one. That style of writing was very much like  in the original book and you can almost forget it has been written by someone else and it is just as believable as GWTW. Though of course sometimes it gets outrageous but then it is fiction after all not a memoir.

My advice (if you are a Margaret Mitchell fan like me) is to skip the history of Rhett Butler. It’s better to let him remain a mystery, he’s more desirable that way.


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