Heidi- the classic revisited

I have recently discovered the classics again. And I finished reading ‘Heidi’ a few days back. The story just takes me back to the days when all you had to worry about was unfinished homework and low marks in school. It is such a simple story and yet powerful enough to transport one to their unfettered childhoods. It reminded me of this old army library that had volumes which had probably been put their by the departed Britishers themselves. It was dark and cosy and had such an old world charm to it. I could have spent all my time in there and I used to wonder why the other kids avoided it so much. I found the whole ‘Sweet William’ series there and ‘the Bobbsey twins’ and ‘What Katy did’ series and many many more. It was a treasure trove for a kid with even a small drop of ingenuity and for someone like me with a palpable overdose of imagination it opened up whole new worlds.

Anyhow, the story of a young girl who is plucked from her home on the whim of adults and placed in a city resonates with me at this point of life when I have moved from the hills to a bustling metro to start my own family. After even one whole year here I miss the pine trees and the lazy winter afternoons and the mountains and the orange sunsets. I even miss the cold winter winds that chill your very bones. They made me feel so alive.

I am extremely lucky in having a spouse who understands my longing for home and is forever ready to take me back. But I must remember that for some time to come this vibrant, heaving city is my home. So learn to live and love it. It shouldn’t be that hard considering I haven’t started walking in my sleep like Heidi did.



One thought on “Heidi- the classic revisited

  1. Didn’t know you were writing blog. This one is very emotional and I almost cried half way through. Even though I grew up in a city, the 4 years of my life which I spent in the hills were the best of all. Everything about that place was amazing. Like you I too miss those things and really want to visit that place again. Hopefully, I finish my phd soon and get a chance to visit.
    Keep writing.

    P.S. I like your paintings and sketches 🙂


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