me – the couch potato

I was watching ‘King of queens’ on tv the other day and Doug’s wife decides to take a break from work and stay at home for a few days. She has all these plans of cooking great meals and doing things she didn’t have time for before. All she manages to do is stay on the couch whole day and watch t.v., forgets to cook anything at all and does not do anything she had thought she would. Well, that’s me to the T!

I decide to take it easy for a year after my marriage and enjoy life. it’s going on to two years and I am still on my vacation. I have gained 14 kilos of weight, where I was 4 kilos underweight I am now happily 10 kilos over. I haven’t learnt to paint as I had thought I would. I have become the proverbial couch potato. I don’t keep up on my correspondence. I did not write any research papers.

The amount of movies that I have seen in the past one and a half years is astronomical and cover the entire range from good to bad. I have even sat through entire movies with the large spiders and vampire bats and blood and gore which I would never have watched in an earlier life.

I have made a few new year resolutions which I hope to follow through. So, let’s not write me off just yet folks!



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