Sketches – From here n there

guess what that is??
Huckelberry Finn- grew up with him
Fairy – from the internet
Brush painting
Birds of a feather
Meg- thornbirds- one of my favourite books of all time

6 thoughts on “Sketches – From here n there

    1. Your guess is correct! Almost 😉 Its birds flying above some shrubbery over the water’s edge. Its alrite most people didn’t even get that. This is an early attempt. Just goes to show how difficult watercolor can be in monochrome. If you see the original one I tried to copy this from.. you would know exactly what you are looking at. Its like great artists have magic in their hands.


      1. Girlie (ha, ha…so Indian!), you are brave (and so honest) to even showcase your work online. I’d have to clean my pants just for thinking about it. 😉


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