The Great Anniversary Dinner

Two days ago, my husband and I completed two years of happily married life. Of course we have had our share of fights and about 80% of them were over food! Hard to believe but it is true. I am a north Indian and he is from the south, so foodwise we might as well have come from different planets. Well, I should just thank my stars he’s not Japanese – I couldn’t have  reconciled  to sushi ever!

So, we decided to go out to this really swanky/elegant restaurant for dinner on the joyous occasion of completing two years together. This was my idea entirely. We finally decided on Leela Palace’s Jamavat or some such. The restaurant was extremely elegant and beautiful, with high ceilings and wooden candelabra’s. We had wine and then ordered food. The food was a complete letdown.  I don’t know what it is about Bangalore, they just seem unable to make north Indian food at all and I mean at all. The dum aloo was in gravy that was completely tomato sauce, the roomali roti was nice and the murgh biryani was a disaster. I think it’s because the chef’s try to make food less spicy for the foreigners palate and loose the essential thing which is the authentic flavour of Indian food. Their wine collection was fantastic though. Maybe we are ordering the wrong food at these five/seven star hotels. Maybe we should be ordering the shrimp and prawn salad.

Anyway I love my hubby for trying to make this special. The ambience was excellent and we were happy with that and the dressing up for the occasion. We just have to accept that we are just unlucky in outdoor eating!  


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