The Veteran – Frederick Forsyth

Found this book after searching for the past year and a half in a second-hand book shop. I had read it the first time years ago when I had picked it up expecting it to be a novel just because I wanted to know what the boys found so interesting in F.F. It turned out to be a very very pleasant surprise. I love all the short stories in this right from the first ‘the veteran’ to the last very romantic one called ‘the whispering wind’. I think writing a short story must be an extremely difficult job and I know only two authors whose work I really love.. Jeffrey Archer and Forsyth. But unlike Mr. Archer, Mr. Forsyth has only one collection of short stories. Why did no one ever tell him to write another set?

Anyway, if you can get this elusive copy of short stories don’t pass it over for something else 🙂


CORRECTION: There is one more short story collection by F.F. called ‘ No Comebacks’ . I don’t know how I forgot. That collection is a must read too.  Which only proves he should write more of those for sure.


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