The Madeleine Brent Novels

Madeleine Brent was actually a pseudonym for Peter O’Donnell, the creator of Modesty Blaise. They have been released by Penguin in a very adorable packaging and that was actually the reason I picked up the books for the first time because they looked so quaint in a row on the shelf.

They are romantic novels with strong and good-natured heroines who are usually orphans and have either grown up in a foreign country or in a really exciting career such as the circus. I love the books for their old world charm and the adventure that goes hand in hand with the romance.

These novels are not at all overtly mushy or too explicit like the MB’s but they make you feel really good and happy. The first book I had bought was Tregaron’s daughter and then I went back searching for the rest of Madeleine Brent. They are not intellectual pursuits but really just clean beautifuly written romances.

Get the complete collection now because you never know when they will be published again!


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