Malvika’s Wine List

So, I discovered I like wines a few years back. If you are reading this Dad; just be thankful I didn’t develop a taste for beer/whiskey/rum/gin or any other more dangerous varieties of alcohol. And as wines are not your average 200 bucks a bottle the opportunities of tasting my favourite beverage are few and far between.

After that lengthy disclaimer lets proceed to a list of wines I have tasted over the last two years and my take on them. This is as much to refresh my memory as to provide any other amateurs a sort of diving board into wine tasting.

The first bottle of wine I ever picked up was Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay for a new year celebration. The wine has a definite fruity tang to it and also a kick. I downed two glasses in quick succession before I realised I was feeling light-headed. Lesson learnt – wine is not nimboo paani! Drink slowly and savour the taste and save yourself the embarrassment of giggling idiotically after only half a glass. It’s an Australian wine and not too heavy on the pocket.

 Then there was Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir which I had in Shimla at the Oberoi Cecil. It was exquisite. For the first time I felt what wine connoisseurs  mean when they say a ‘warm fruity taste’. It actually made me feel warm and happy. It was also the first time my husband decided to forgo his beer for the wine of my choice and immediately fell in love with this one. I don’t remember the year of this wine, though if I can take a guess I believe it to be 2006/07, but I still remember the taste. It is a Californian wine and costs about 4000/ bucks a bottle. Anyhow, One thing I am really glad about was also that it made a believer out of my sceptic husband.

This one was suggested to my husband by an old lady who was shopping for wines and heard my husband’s frantic phone call to me for help with his wine shopping. It was Michele Chiarlo Gavi 2007. It’s an Italian white wine. It was a beautiful wine that tasted perfect with our salted snacks and chicken. It did not have an alcoholic tang like I have started associating with white wines after my experience with my first white wine bottle. It left a beautiful taste in my mouth and was a sunny flavour. I loved the colourful sketch on the bottle too. I know I am silly that way, getting swayed by visuals but then it should be a complete package after all.Thank God for the nosy old lady who helped hubby pick this one.

This one we picked up in a sale at one of the malls around home. Gervino, Rouge-2008. This one is a South African wine. Had no high hopes from this one after all, Africa seems a country like India and its not like either of them had a wine culture before the invading Europeans. I mean it’s not a technique that we in India have been following for centuries and have perfected over the years like the Europeans have. And I didn’t think Africa had either. Well, surprise surprise. Though not exactly as elegant as the KJ, it did have a distinct flavour and no sharp unpalatable tangs.It tasted good and left a flavour which I can only describe as thick and memorable. And it was easy on the pocket too.

This one again we bought on a sale – one bottle free with one bottle! Sant’Antimo Castello Banfi, Fontanelle-2005. It’s an Italian chardonnay wine. This one has a definite fruity flavour and not nauseating at all. I definitely cannot distinguish between the different fruits like people do but at least I can figure out when there is fruit involved and when there is spice. The bottle is pretty and the wine is a lovely color too. Yet, I hold on to my belief that white wines go to your head very fast. Even if you sip real slowly.

Then there was this bottle of Ruffino, Chianti-2008 that I had bought a long time back. I was thinking of preserving it for at least ten years and then opening it proudly at some family gathering. Then I got worried about the cork dissolving into the wine if I kept it in the drawer for ten years. I don’t know if that is true or not, but the corks on the bottles we buy don’t seem to be real corks half the time. Anyway, we had it the other day and it had a translucent lovely red colour. However, I am not a fan. Somehow my palate was impervious to all the flavours it had to offer. All thanks to the alcoholic tang. I am sorry about my kiddish descriptions but for now that is the best I can do. The color was lovely though. It is an Italian wine btw.

Ernest and Julio Gallo-2000 was another one on sale. We did go crazy that evening. This one was a tiny bottle and I really can’t remember it at all. The taste I mean. That doesn’t say much for the wine if I can’t remember it at all. Wait a minute…….. That’s because we haven’t had it yet. Phew! Moving on!

Then Cape Mentelle Margaret RiverCabernet Merlot – 2007. this one I had a glass at our anniversary dinner at Leela Palace. To cut a long story short I didn’t like it. But I cannot blame the wine completely as the accompaniments were very bad too. It’s an Australian wine.

Also had a glass of Bourgogne, Pinot noir –2007 that very evening. Passable mention. Actually I really don’t remember these two wines at all. They cost so much per glass and yet they were nothing to call home about. Hope, I remember to check here before I go out wine tasting at a 7- star hotel in the future. I don’t even know which company it was from. So lets not pan all Bourgogne aka Burgundy wines. They are supposed to be French wines from the Burgundy region. I looked it up on the internet and they come from a lot of different manufacturers so we’ll just have to see about this one.

That’s it for now.

 P.S. There’s one more but I need my husband’s expert elephantine memory on that one!


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