Fall From Grace – Larry Collins


Sometimes I think the best books I have are bought in second-hand book shops.

After my marriage on finding a like-minded husband I have gone berserk with my book buying frenzy. And when we get into a second-hand shop we usually come out with 8-10 books on average. 









The best second-hand shops I have seen have been in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. Maybe it’s because of such an eclectic mix of nationalities and tastes but they often have books that you read as a child or the ones that are out of print. My collection has built up so we have no place to keep them anymore as we are short of a book shelf as yet. They have started spilling out of our bedroom into the living room as you can see in the pictures.

The one Larry Collins book I had read before was Freedom At Midnight from my father’s personal stash. I hardly remember it now but I know I had felt overwhelmed by the writing at that time. I must find that book again.

                                                                                         Anyway about this one. It was my husband’s choice. He remembered he had read it sometime when he was a kid. Its set in second world war ( I love war stories) and follows Catherine Pradier a half french half English woman who becomes a spy in occupied France. It is gripping and beautifully written book. I like books that have the power to transport one to a completely different place. The danger, the fear, the enthusiasm.. you can smell it all. Its sad too but must be read once or twice or  as   many times as it takes to satisfy your soul.


3 thoughts on “Fall From Grace – Larry Collins

  1. Your book collection reminds me (at one time, no longer true) of myself and my sis! We, too, were brought up to be book lovers. Immigration helps to reduce and organize what one owns! 😀
    Take a look at this for inspiration: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/40163778/#/20163779
    Because this shelf can be hung either vertical or horizontal, it looks like art when several are stacked together (touching or spaced apart). Add a dash of bright colour behind the shelves (paint or even handmade paper) to appeal to the artist in you.


      1. Ah those someday over the rainbow dreams and moments…..love them, need them.
        Funny thing is that out here, we are (or have to be) our own kadhiyas, mistris, plumbers, painters, maids, vaghera, vaghera. “I will build” means time to stretch, gather power tools and get ready to sweat. Love DIY but gosh, it’s hard work.


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