Reading when sick

So I spent my birthday week with a roaring temperature, trussed up in bed reading books through streaming eyes and a running nose. I have always believed that genius dies young and at times I was almost sure I was about to join their haloed ranks. However that happy event now seems to be postponed and I am relegated to leading an ordinaryly average  life for the time being.

Well, I whiled away the  time reading Georgette Heyer’s The Reluctant Widow, Black Sheep and Death on the stocks. I started reading My Lord John but it turned out to be a sort of semi fictionalised historical novel and not at all interesting or absorbing. Wasted my money on that one.

The Reluctant Widow was about a girl who gets into the wrong carriage from the station where she has alighted to take on a position of governess, and ends up becoming the bride and widow of a rich estate holder overnight and gets plunged into the world of intrigue and deception. The love interest is a responsible, quiet gentleman but the one I loved the most was his younger brother and his dog. It was a big family with four brothers and three sisters there. The heroine was so obviously in love with him at the very first sight. A good read at the worst of times.


                                                                                                                                                       Black Sheep was another adorable read. Its about the love affairs of an aunt and a niece in Bath. The aunt falls for the uncle of an unscruplous young man who is trying to woo her niece all for her fortune. Obviously, the stage is set for one of them to have a good happily ever after ending and  the other to end in disaster. Yet it was interesting and even if the reader can guess what must happen later it was in no means a bore.



Death in the stocks was a murder mystery. I haven’t figured out as yet what stocks actually are but it was a good read too. Of course, half way through I had a fairly good idea who the murderer was but then I have years of  training as a detective from watching endless episodes of Law and Order and CSI and other such innummerable televison serials to guide me. Nevertheless, the book holds its own and I didn’t feel I needed to shut it before I had finished it. These should have been read in school actually. The novelty would have been better then. Still no loss.


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