Baking Rosemary Buns at home

Yesterday was a typical lazy Sunday which my Hubby spent watching marathon movies. I was bored. So, I decided to do some baking. I didn’t want to bake a cake since I am not one for sweet treats. Then I thought Why not give  a recipe from one of the food blogs I finally found and loved on the internet. Its called the The Pioneer Woman Cooks and its absolutely great. She has photographs of each and every step of her cooking and that really helps when you are cooking something new and you know want to make sure that things are going the way they are supposed to. And unlike videos where you have to pause at every step pictures are so much simpler.

Anyway, so I went for her Rosemary dinner rolls. Since I didnot have market bought ones I made them from scratch. I served my Rosemary buns with our very own desi ‘Aloo ki sabzi’ as dinner and it was absolutely yum. Of course since the 12 buns had about half a cup of oil which comes to roughly one teaspoonful per bun this is a diet which muct be indulged in only once a month. It works for Ree Drummond because of the fact that she lives on a ranch with four kids and four dogs and her cows. So, there is definitely enough physical work/exercise involved to digest maybe even double the amount of oil in a day. For us poor people stuck in miniature tubs for homes with almost no physical labour involved, there are other recipes with less oil too and I will try them the next time, but for the first time these were awesome. This was the last batch out of the oven and since I had run out of square borosil containers I baked these on a plain baking sheet. Asyou can see they came out looking like flat breads instead of buns maybe because my dough was too runny. I did add more milk in the beginning in an effort to melt the yeast which was in the shape of those eatable silver balls that are used to garnish cakes and not at all like the fine powder that you see in the photograph in Ree Drummond’s blog. However, once again, first effort people. Next time, will try it with atta and just three tablespoonfuls of olive oil.


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