Sweet William – Richmal Crompton

Remember the time when we were young and full of energy and weird ideas about fairies and witches and goblins. Remember coming home with the collars of your shirts turned black with dirt. Remember drinking cold drinks on the sly even when you knew you would fall ill the next day. Remember the days that always seemed sunny? Sigh!

Well, now that I am sufficiently grown up it feels so wonderful to read the exploits of William and the Outlaws in the fantastic collection of stories by Richmal Crompton. I love the descriptions of the horror of  William when asked to attend a girl’s birthday party, the extreme feeling of being wronged by adults for no fault of his, his almost philosophical acceptance of the wrath that must unfold on his head, his  ‘old maidish’ interest in the love affairs of his older brother and sister and his friendship with the outlaws, to name a few. Also the illustrations are  wonderful too. 







 I think that these books were meant to be read when you are grown up and are on the verge of having kids yourself. Of course the kids today are nowhere like the ones in this series, yet wouldn’t it be nice if the only thing you had to worry about in a kid were scrapped knees and dirty or torn shirts instead of possible brain damage from the constant staring at the video games console!







There are almost 39 books in the series. Must, must read. I even heard my very high and mighty, as far as reading is concerned, hubby chuckling over the stories the other day.

I found a blog on William while I was looking for the pictures of the books. It has the entire list of the william series, so anyone interested can look them up at www.justwilliamnotes.blogspot.com .


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