My Favourite Sunday Breakfast

I really love potatoes. Really love them. My waist is a testament to the fact. And following in the footsteps of the Pioneer Woman I decided to put up a step by step photo op of my dear sandwich recipe. The camera is still broken so I made do with my hubby’s Nokia. The pics are fuzzy at times so bear with me.

Here goes..

Boiled potatoes. Get good potatoes always. Essential.

Mash them up good.

Add Salt and turmeric. Donot add too much, or you will get a very sour taste of the uncooked turmeric. Its just for color.(fuzzy photo no 1)

Also, you can add dry mixed herbs. I plain forgot, was too hungry.

Add the bread crumbs. If you are not frying them you can put a just one handful but if you plan to deep fry them be generous, very generous like two or even three handfuls.

I just shred the left over bread slices by hand and then store them in the fridge in a bowl without a lid. The crumbs get nice and dehydrated and stay for months together.

Add 3/4th cup of  boiled peas. I always have a pack of frozen Safal in my freezer.

Mix it up.

Make cutlets the size of the bun/pav/bread slice you have.

Take a heaped teaspoonful of ghee for frying. It is healthier than the refined oil for sure. This is a pot of homemade ghee courtsey of Mum-in-law. You can deep fry your cutlets too, just remember to add the extra bread crumbs. I am trying to stick to the  …*cough*… healthy option.

Add to a warm pan – non stick preferably.

Put the potato rolls/tikki into the hot ghee.

Flip after a few minutes.. (fuzzy photo no. 2) Let it cook on a slow flame till nice and brown and crispy.

While your tikki is cooking on a slow flame, gather the ingredients for the sandwich. So, I have cheese, cream, pav and mayonaise.  Gran Soresina is granulated cheese. You can use Parmesan/ Amul slices also. I have mayo but I really love Amul cream.

Cut the pav in half..

I like to warm the pav in the same pan.. no need for extra butter. (fuzzy photo no. 3)

Smear cream generously or mayo if you prefer.

Put the crispy potato tikki on the lower part of the pav/bun.. (fuzzy photo no. 4)

Sprinkle the gran soreino cheese/parmesan/just put an amul cheese slice over the tikki…try not to waste so much on to the counter if usuing the powdered cheese.. its bloody expensive!

Garnish with tomatoes. (fuzzy photo no. 5). Lettuce leaves are great with the sandwhich. I didn’t have any.

Add the tops and ta da..

Serve with your favourite ketchup. I like my green chilli on the side to crunch with every bite since I don’t put any in the tikki.


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