The Lost Symbol -Dan Brown

After almost a year of picking it off shelves and putting it back, I bought this book for hubby at a sale. He was in the mood for thrillers and I didn’t want to read it after the debacle of Digital Fortress. I loved DaVinci Code but then everything else just paled against it.

Anyway, the Lost symbol takes place over the space of 24 hours. The author builds it up in a way that promises great things but fails to deliver. About half way through you figure out the one big mystery that the author meant only to reveal in the last few pages and the rest of the plot just spirals downward from there. For me at least. My husband found it engrossing enough. Though he was disappointed by the climax bit too. Somehow an age-old ‘wisdom’ hidden in America is just not believable?!! Now, if you said India… that would be a thought.


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