My first little ‘balcony’ garden


This is my first experiment with a little kitchen garden in my balcony. I simply took a strand of fresh mint with its roots from the local grocery story and put it in a pot of prepared earth. At least I hope it was because I paid for it to be, but what with the language barrier, I am not so sure it is anything more than simple red earth. Another thing the soil in Bangalore is red! It looks so alien to someone used to solid brown clods of dirt.


In the spirit of honesty, let me confess that I had also planted a handful of coriander seeds from my kitchen, but that didnot materialize. They were weak and didnot grow over 3 inches in height. Conclusion, get good seeds for a fruitful result.


And I love lilies. My hubby and me will grow them someday when we have retired from the rush of the city. The white one is the Oriental Lily and the yellow one is Asiatic Lily. The vase is an ex – bottle of wine with cork in it. There’s also a stick of Rajnigandha just peeping from between them.


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