Books I read while the net was off

 The Cobra – Fredrick Forsyth

This is the latest from Forsyth. Its almost like reading a documentary or  a biography. It was a fun read for sure. Not over dramatic or over the top. Made me actually wonder if what the story suggests could happen. Its about the Columbian drug cartel, a reality that most of us hardly know about. The amount of drugs that come through that country and how they make their way to Europe and America and the amount of money involved. As usual very well written and utterly beleivable.


The Great Alone – Janet Dailey

Its a family saga. Its chick lit. Its about the Alaskan frontier. The takeover of the pristine plains by the Russians and then by the Americans. The exploitation of the Aleuts and Other indigenous inhabitants of the area. Their bit to convert ‘heathens’ to Christianity. The story follows seven generations of a family tree. I have read it thrice by now and yet by the time I finish I never can remember who married whom and who had whose kids. Its just too complicated. But alright to read once in a while.

 A Matter of Honour – Jeffrey   Archer

My husband found this book at a second hand book store and was thrilled beyong measure because he felt he had read all of Archer’s works and there were no more. He professes to have now realised how archeologists feel after a find. I, of course, have read them all ages ago. But there’s no harm in going through Archer one more time. Its about a young , broke, ex- army guy who opens a letter left to him in a will. What follows a chaos and a murder and a chase involving the KGB, the CIA, the British intelligence, the Swiss and a lot more. Its a fun read, but then I like Archer and I maybe biased.

As the Crow Flies – Jeffrey Archer

This was one more book that my husband found. He had never read this one too.  Its about an ambitious man who starts from selling vegetables on a barrow and moves on to greater things in life. Its also a good read but not at a stretch as I did. You will start mixing up the stories in your dreams and that is never nice.




And read Wuthering Heights again too. And To Kill A Mocking Bird.


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