More of Georgette Heyer

So, I visited my second hand bookshop again. It’s the Blossom Book Shop in Bangalore, in case I never mentioned it before. Someday I will click the interiors of that shop with the cramped shelves and the people moving around with baskets to fill with their books.

The Masqueraders – It was a  story about a brother and sister who dress up as each other to avoid detection. That’s because they are running away from being prosecuted in England for playing a part in the French uprising. Or so it seems. My ideas about European history are not so clear. Their father is a conman, and pulls the kids along with him into watever new scrape he gets into. The kids however adore the father, and are waiting for him to come to England. Falling in love with a girl running away from an unacceptable marriage, the brother is unable to woo her in the way he would like as he is now her female confidante. The sister meanwhile falls for the girl’s would-be fiance and like her brother gets stuck as his protegee. Nice fun read.

The Foundling – This one is about a Duke, who was a premature child and an orphan and has been therefore been mollycoddled since birth by his Uncle, aunt and a retinue of faithful servants. All decisions for him are taken by his loud, dominating though well meaning uncle. He is asked to marry a Lady of quality who is his childhood friend but no society beauty. So, one fine day he decides to go on an adventure and stumbles across a beautiful foundling and an errant schoolboy. How he manages their affairs and his own make it a story full of humour and enough twists and turns to keep anyone hooked.



Frederica – I liked this one too. A girl who comes to London to launch her younger sister in society so that she may get a good husband and be settled in life. Along with her are her two younger brothers. For an introduction to the ‘ton’ she asks the help of a remote relative whom she has never met. He is rude and rich and good looking and with a list of excessively beautiful mistresses. However he falls for the small close-knit bunch of brothers and sisters who are well mannered and unaffected in their behaviour and frank and amusing. And more so with the head of the family, the level headed and not so bad looking Frederica.


Sprig Muslin – Almost a similar storyline to The Foundling. A handsome, unmarried Lord who lost his lady love many years ago decides to finally ask a on-the-shelf dowdy looking Lady Hester to be his wife. On the way to propose to her he encounters a beautiful runway and decides to take her under his protection. The confusion and events that follow are hilarious and make for another lovely regency novel.




None of the books I have have these covers. These are new ones I found online and I think they are lovely.



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