The Cat Who…

So, I visited the Bangalore book festival. It was much larger than the last time with almost 60% of the bookstalls catering to the vernacular tastes. The Kannada  literature has a rich history and I have an inkling I will have to learn the language to read the books. However, there was not one stall that had Hindi books. I mean, I understand that hindi in the third language in the state but Bangalore has such a melting pot of cultures, at least one stall with a good collection of Hindi novels should have been there too. As for the other stalls, almost all were shops from Bangalore itself, so nothing really new for book lovers like me who regularly visit them the whole year round. I wish they would start putting up stalls from Delhi and Bombay. I mean, it would be nice to mix the north and the western tastes with the south. However, one thing that pleases me no end is the booming book culture in Bangalore. Every time I go to Blossom’s book shop, the shop is full of people – old, young, middle-aged and a fair splattering of kids too.

The Cat Who Said Cheese – Lilian Jackson Braun

Hmmm. How do I describe this book. It is supposed to be a series of mystery novels yet it doesn’t feel like one. The mystery fades into the background of the antics of Qwill, the middle-aged editor of ‘Moose County Something’ and his Siamese cats. A mysterious lady comes to town, a bomb explodes in her hotel room, she runs away, people are killed and the male cat is the one who solves the mystery by his psychic abilities which are picked up by Qwilleran. Qwill likes Polly. They count the whiskers on their cat’s faces to determine if they are psychic or not. Qwill writes a column on bee keeping. Eats apple pie at Lois’s. It is a book for a 13-year-old of this generation. Or a 60-year-old of my Dad’s. It’s not complicated and like I said does not feel like a mystery novel. Its more about a town and the people who live there.

The Cat Who Went Up The Creek

So the Nutcracker Inn has opened in Black Creek in a converted mansion of the Limburger Clan, which was fortunately mentioned in the first book I read; by a strange quirk of fate. I can see why people must have become addicted to the series. I have developed a fondness for Qwill too.

Polly is on vacation. Qwill is invited to the Nutcracker Inn for a stay. Two people die, One commits suicide, one has a heart attack and one is the villain. Qwill writes about squirrels ( when was the last time you read about a squirrel in a novel for grown ups) and about doll-house furniture. He wears a Scottish kilt, attends Saturday night Brawl at the Booze hotel. KoKo tells him about all things that are happening or about to happen at the creek. Read with a pot of coffee on a rainy day, preferably in the garden.


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