Experiments with Gajar Ka Halwa

Beautiful red carrots! Beautiful beautiful red, Delhi carrots! For the first time in my two and a half-year stay in Bangalore I found these delicious red carrots in the local Namdhari’s organic vegetable shop. So, I bought 2 kgs and decided to make Gajrela.


Grated red carrots –  2kgs

Milk – 2litres


Sugar – 1 cup

I used double toned milk. And added some cream. Whole milk would do better.

In a wide thick – bottomed pan add the milk and let it simmer till it reduces to half. KEEP STIRRING TO AVOID BURNING.

Add your carrots, you know the red ones.

Mix and let it simmer for as long as it takes. In my case almost 3 hours.

Look at the amount that evaporated. And the amount that still remains.

When it reaches the consistency you require, add the sugar.

Cook for a few minutes more.

Add two spoonfuls of ghee to the halwa.


After you have reduced the milk to half, take another pan and add the carrots to it and keep adding the milk little by little.

Be sure of your measurements. My carrots were less that 1.8 kg and the milk I used was about 2.5 litres. Took 4 hours to evaporate all that liquid.


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