Chocolate and Orange

I have never tried orange essence in a cake before and as it turned out chocolate and orange is a great combination.

So, presenting another collection of bad pictures from my cell phone. Tip for birthday present : a really decent camera eg. Canon DSLR 😉


175 g butter

175 g sugar (powdered)

3 eggs

175 g Maida

2 teaspoonful baking powder

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp milk

3 tbsp orange juice (preferably fresh from a real orange)

Pre – Prep:

Beat the eggs till nice and frothy.


Beat the butter and sugar together till nice and creamy.

Add the beaten eggs to the beaten creamy butter and sugar. Beat well together.

Fold in the maida.

Divide the batter into halves.

Add cocoa powder and milk in one half and mix well.

To the other half add some grated orange rind and the fresh orange juice.

Put dollops of both the batter into your greased and papered tin.

Swirl it together.

Bake in your pre-heated oven at 180 degree C for 40 minutes or 190 degree C for 25 minutes if you have a really good oven and no electricity fluctuations or power cuts. Better still, just check whenever springy to touch and remove.

Clean up kitchen while its baking.

Pull out, let it cool a bit, peel off the paper and gaze at your effort happily for a few moments.

View from every angle.

Garnish with frosting and chocolate curls. My frosting making efforts have not been rewarded as yet so it looks sloppy, next time I promise to do a better job.


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