Allan Folsom – The day of…

This is one from my husband’s collection from his school days. The story revolves around an American, Paul Osborn who saw his father murdered as a child. Now thirty years later, he is a respected doctor, with two ex-wives and is visiting Paris after a medical conference in Geneva, only to come face to face with his father’s murderer in a roadside cafe. What follows, is his determined pursuit of the man, with a complete disregard to the consequences, in an effort to get revenge for his father’s death. At the same time, a series of unsolved murders results in the Interpol calling in American detective McVey for the investigation in Europe. Osbourn becomes a prime suspect in the killings and must deal with the police tailing him while he is actually planning a murder of his own!!

Enough books seem to have been written with the Nazi intrigue as a backdrop and this book is another in the genre but you can never have enough of those. The novel is fast – paced with just enough romance thrown in to keep everyone interested and occupied. All comes together in a way that can only happen in fiction, with suitably miraculous escapes for the ‘American’ good guys from the jaws of certain death where all else perish. The ending is a bit flat as most people who read such books will have guessed the climax, but the idea is definitely intriguing.

 Since, he had liked the earlier one so much as a kid, he bought this one from the airport the last time he flew. This one falls into the ‘Dan Brown – Da Vinci Code’ genre. And since we have read probably the best book ever written in that genre nothing else can quite match up.

Again, all th action occurs in Europe to an American, Harry Addison, a hot shot lawyer in Hollywood, who comes to Italy to retrieve the mortal remains of his younger brother, Father Daniel Addison, who was a priest in the Vatican. When he is able to view the charred remains he realizes that it isn’t his brother after all. And then he plunges into a search for Daniel, to whom he hasn’t spoken in eight years, dodging police and assassins at the same time. His brother holds the key to a conspiracy by the Vatican and must be found alive. In a way the conspiracy when exposed is so hilarious that it feels only possible in fiction, but when you live in India, where the most powerful woman is an Italian catholic then, as conspiracy theories go, the Vatican’s ambitions do not seem so far fetched. Makes you wonder, is it possible? And any book that makes you wonder is a must read.


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