For the love of Peanuts….

Sunday morning. Lazy breakfast. Idli is easy. Peanut chutney is must though to keep husband happy. Perfected after a lot of hit and trial.

Ingredients :

1 cup roasted peanuts

2-3 red chillies

1 onion

1 tsp Channa dal

little bit of coconut


Soaked Imli/ tamarind

Red chilli powder


Put the peanuts and sliced coconut in a grinder.

Fry the red chillies and the Channa dal in little oil.

Put in the grinder.

Now fry the onions till transparent and giving off a nice aroma.

Add to the grinder. Let cool.

Add the imli water. Do not be afraid.. it is supposed to be real sour.

Add salt n red chilli powder.


Add some sizzling mustard seeds as seasoning.

Enjoy Sunday.

Note : If you don’t have coconut don’t panic… I think it tastes better that without.


One thought on “For the love of Peanuts….

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