Experiments with exotic looking deserts – Litchi’s and Mango

In Palampur, the house in front of mine has a beautiful Litchi tree in its yard. To see the red litchi’s covering the whole little tree in summer’s was a sight for sore eyes. This year I am sure there are no litchi’s there thanks to the brigade of monkeys that have descended to our little sleepy town. Here in Bangalore there are Gulmohar and Coconut trees outside my window. I always associate Gulmohar trees with Khadakwasla, Pune where we stayed when I was 4 years old. They are a reminder of sunny days and games which involved lots of running around, climbing ropes of the swing hanging from the Jamun tree and other kiddish freedoms.

Just yesterday I was going through foodpress and came across a Litchi pannacotta with mango jelly recipe from Sinfullyspicy . She has a beautiful blog and I was inspired and thinking of home. And then it seemed the universe was conspiring to get me to make this dish because the moment I stepped out of home, I spotted litchi’s! Beautiful red litchi’s! In Bangalore! To say I was jolted is an understatement. So, I got the rest of the stuff which was only gelatin and went home happy as a plum. Hubby walks in from work andd says he has a few days off and plans to take me home to see ‘litchi’s on the tree’ for real!! Floored!! Whether it materialises or not is another thing but for now I am insanely happy.

Ingredients I used:

Litchi pannacotta

2 & 1/2 cups deseeded fresh Litchi’s

1/4th cup water

3/4th tbsp gelatin

2 cups milk

3 tbsp sugar

(The original recipe calls for 1 tbsp but this is what happens when you are in the kitchen and your hubby is reading out loud. However in what passed for my pannacotta it was not over sweet at all. Probably since I did not use canned litchi’s with syrup of their own.)

Mango Jelly

1 cup fresh Mango puree

1/2 cup water for the puree

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp sugar

1/4th cup water

3/4th tbsp gelatin


Lichi pannacotta

Puree the deseeded litchi’s and seive into a bowl.

Add the gelatin to the 1/4th cup water and let bloom for 5-10 minutes. (I didnot do this step well.)

Put the milk, sugar and litchi juice in a pan and warm on the stove.

Add gelatin mix to it and mix well.

Pour into moulds and leave to set in fridge. I put them in the freezer which was not a very smart thing to do, but I couldn’t sit all night for the pannacotta to set. Also, I should have covered them with a cellophane sheet. Nobody tells you these things.

Mango Jelly

Put the gelatin in the water to bloom.

Put mango puree, lemon juice, water and sugar in pan.

Warm on stove.

Add gelatin.

Pour into moulds.


The pannacotta didnot set at all!! So really this just turned out to be a table decoration. Mango jelly was perfect. Gelatin problems for first time users. Read Tips for using gelatin at David Lebovitz’s blog too late.

Also, I was so worried by the recipe’s directions not over heat the litchi pannacotta that I didn’t even let it warm properly. I could actually see the gelatin granules on the spoon when I mixed it. Should have researched more.

However, for first timers not bad. Will try  this again till I get it right.


2 thoughts on “Experiments with exotic looking deserts – Litchi’s and Mango

  1. Hey I am thinking of making this tonight.. can I use thick mango juice for this? I have kdd harvest’s mango juice which is quite thick and tasty.. pls let me know if I can..thanks..


    1. Hey! sorry for the delay! I suppose you have made it already? If you have, I am sure you figured out that juice works great for this. You only need to adjust your gelatin accordingly and that only comes with practice 🙂 Hope it was good !!


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