Inspector Singh Investigates


Finally, a desi detective to fall in love with. Inspector Singh is fat and sweaty with the tenacity of a bulldog. And somehow, very lovable. This is a novel set in East Asia and gives a very creditable insight into the lives and culture of the melting pot of the East Asian community. The book was given to me by a friend as a ‘try-it’ and am I glad I did. I haven’t read a lot of Indian authors in some time and this one is a good way to jump start. It has political and environmental strokes too which we can understand perfectly as they fit into our cultural scenarios. The book is modern with the old and traditional in equal measure something we see and grapple with every day.

The story begins with a murder trial of a wife for murdering her business tycoon husband in Malaysia. The woman is a Singaporean and hence enter Inspector Singh of the Singapore police to ensure all justice is done to their citizen. See, I didn’t know about the cultural animosity between the Malaysians and the Singaporeans till I read this book. Inspector Singh goes about his job ponderously and thoroughly. The other characters are well formed and absolutely like people you would meet in a bustling city.













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