Tower.. I’d like to think Rapunzel’s but her’s was so pretty… this one belongs in a horror flick. 

William and friends… was reading William one day and just picked up a pen… botched up their faces though

Rusty in moods

William again… But he reminds me so strongly of Rusty…. Just the kind of scrapes my darling Rooster gets into…

While sitting in  a cafe in McLeod with Hubby dearest. The bike turned out so disproportionately long…..

That is a water bottle… was practicing my shading…

Elephants… Inspiration Hazel Sloane… I love her watercolours….

Weird doodling…. Everything except ‘Om’..

Basket… and electric poles… was working on prespective…. it is slightly skewed as is evident…

Shading again..


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