Playing with watercolors


The first practice run..from a ready-to-paint book of terry harrison’s.

The blue Door

The second effort. I have a small scanner and so almost an inch or more is chopped off from the tops n sides in all these works.


This is again from the Terry Harrison book. I must say their step by step instructions works wonders.

The lonely cycle

This one is my favourite for its riot of colours other than green. This one is from mediterranean landscapes.


6 thoughts on “Playing with watercolors

  1. I like the lonely bike too. Great use of colors! Watercolors are very challenging. I tried them for the first time about a month ago. Not forgiving like oils. I can see your progress as you paint. I also like your landscape 2.


    1. hey, thank you so much. its great when someone who paints themselves gives a review. And I am sorry what do u mean you tried watercolors for the first time last month????? Are you saying you are not a professional painter!!!! omg!!! Your work looked incredibly professional to me!


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