Working on my watercolors

Boat in the pond

These are some more projects from the Ready-to-paint series ‘Mediterranean Landscapes’…..

All these paintings are on the smooth cold pressed watercolor paper.. the colors I use are the Indian made ‘Camlin’ brand and not really very great pigment – wise and so they tend to ‘pop’ more on this kind of paper than the ‘rough’ watercolor paper. Those on the rough watercolor paper in Playing with watercolors are looking so dull and faded next to these new ones although I love the texture that the rough paper has.

Boats n buildings    

The background needs more work…

Mediterranean landscapes

Here its difficult to figure out if the blue is the sea/sky…

Mediterranean Landscapes 2

I was unable to get the correct colour mix in this painting ans simply let it go in the end… didn’t even try to do proper shadow work to try n bring some grace to this watercolour.

Watercolor sketch 2011

Some waterclor sketches in my sketch book. Trying to work on control of colors and layers.

Watercolor sketches 2011

And some are just plain bad. Need a lot of practice with my brushwork. Sighhh.


13 thoughts on “Working on my watercolors

  1. Your paintings are much better than what I could do. Keep working on them- practice makes perfect! Plus, I imagine it is rather fun to paint. Your wedding day pic is very pretty. 🙂


    1. hey! thank you! I am trying to practice but i hav such a short attention span that i usually leave off things in the middle… I think my blog has been my longest project to date. 😦 But you are right, it is fun to paint… its almost meditative 🙂


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