Working on my Watercolors and Pastels

Cafe's in a sunlit square

This work is done on the cheapest variety of watercolor paper in the market  and though the colors seem to be bouncing off pretty well over this surface they seem very superficial to me.

Winter Cottage

This is re-creation from another of my Ready-to-Paint books by Search press that I have become a fan of… Had to use a lot of foul smelling masking fluid for the snow… was very nauseating trying to paint over that smell.

a bridge in Venice

This one is from a small work in the Ready-to-paint book by Geoff Kersey, my first serious attempt at making  water. I used some masking fluid for the ripple effect.

I didn’t quite manage the color I wanted on the walls and in between trying to wash off excess color and applying a new wash things became very blotchy.

Pumpkins on table

Pastels are my friend Madhabi’s very favorite medium and as usual it was she who got me interested in them with the wonders that she does with them. This was just a silly attempt that I carried out on an orange pastel sheet. Needs so much work it almost hurts to look at it.

Flowers for me

This is another pastel work on the same orange sheet. This is a still life I tried to do on my own with Lilies and carnations in a bouquet.


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