Of a little fairie fun

Fairy fun


This is with complete inspiration from Linda Ravenscroft’s book..’ How to draw and paint fairyland. Sometimes it is really soothing to lose yourself in make-believe. I have been wishing for better pigments for too long now.

Linda Ravenscroft


This is a pretty basic book for beginners like me. I love the illustrations in it and the way the author tries to tell us about creating backgrounds for your fairy world.
As you turn the pages you feel you must simply jump into the fairy world with your watercolors and paper but then you need to take a deep breath because it is not as easy or simple as it looks. The amount of detail that goes into each character and prop in the picture is amazing.

I could have wished for a more detailed book but I realise this is supposed to be for very beginners as an introduction only. It is not very in-depth and the author usually urges you to work with your imagination rather than simply copy.


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