O, these Indians, u say!!

A family in Norway had their kid’s taken away by the childcare services because they slept in the same bed as their parents and because the children looked at other people’s faces more than they looked at their parents and the older kid was withdrawn in school. Further proof of the mother’s ‘incompetence’ came to light when she started screaming and crying at the police station.

OMG! Where do I begin? How can you persecute someone for following age old customs and practices. If you are unable to understand the nuances of another culture why allow them to step into your country at all? Is it beacuse you propose to ‘save’ them by abducting their children from them?

Lets give you a few pointers of what Indians think about raising children

a) In not a single household in our country, from the richest to the poorest will you see a baby sleeping in another room from the parents.

b) Babies sleep in their parents bed, till they are brave enough to decide they can sleep alone. This usually takes about an average of 8-10 years if it’s a single child, and sooner if another one appears to kick the older one out.

c) Indian’s are inquisitive by birth. We like to keep an eye on all those around us and we start young. Hence we stare at other people.

d) Sorrow is an art-form in India. We are also loud. And  a woman showing her sorrow by screaming and bawling her eyes out in the situation like this one is not at all out-of-place.

e) We all get beaten up by our parents when we are little. Mostly it is a thwack by the sorely tried and throughly irritated mother. We grow up okay.

Humari Indian Family

f) We respect our elders. You may never call your parents by any vile epithets such as ‘B****’ or A******* even under extenuating circumstances such as the hormonal upheavals of adolescence ( As is common in the ‘civilized western world’. Doing so will probably earn you a flogging of a lifetime.

g) We stay with our parents unless we go out to study or to work. Boys will carry on staying in his parents house if he manages to get a job in the same city and will also marry and bring his wife there. His children will also grow up in the same house. Unless of course if the mom-in-law and the daughter-in-law do not get along which will force the son to move to another house. Girls will marry and leave for their husband’s home or rather their in-law’s homes. To be honest this trend is on the decline as most women would prefer to stay in a nuclear family.

h) Old people stay with their children or at home if the children are working elsewhere but will never go to an old age home.  Sending your parents to an old-age-home is a huge social stigma.

i) Most of our marriages are  arranged by the parents. Almost, 80% of the time they do a good job of matching people.

Though each state has a different language, food and customs the above rules are applicable anywhere in India. A study of the characteristics of the people state wise is another important criterion to get a better understanding of our great country, but that is for later.

So give the kids back to their loud mother and they will  do just fine; probably become nuclear scientists in a few years  since they are Bong’s.




2 thoughts on “O, these Indians, u say!!

  1. It’s interesting to read about Indian customs as we have a lot of Indians here in England. I often think that arranged marriages have the potential to be more successful than our random methods because your parents take into account your personalities and attitudes when they are finding a spouse for you. Under the western method of finding a spouse purely by attraction, things can go horribly wrong when we realise we have little in common, hence our high divorce rate.

    Thanks for liking my latest post by the way!


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