The Poet – Michael Connelly

Sometimes the weirdest coincidences happen for no apparent reason at all. I picked up five books from a street vendor last week. And the three that I read all have significant  references to Edgar Allan Poe. In fact two of them seem to revolve exclusively around him. The only motive for this freakish occurrence can be that the universe is probably trying to tell me to expand my reading interests/fields, by beginning with Poe and then working over to Joyce and Homer. I am just not sure if I have the patience for books like that. There have been periods in my life when I have read tomes of classics with a lot of zeal and appreciation but now.. I am just not sure. Maybe I should just wait for nature to take its course.


The first one I read was ‘The Poet’ by Michael Connelly. Its been a long time since I read one of his books and I was expecting Bosch to make an appearance in this one too which he surprisingly didn’t. Rachel Walling was very much present though.

All in all this one was one good thriller. The main protagonist in this is Jack McEvoy, who is a crime reporter. When his twin brother commits suicide, Jack sets out to write about it in the hopes of getting closure for himself. Instead, he stumbles across a serial killer who likes to quote Edgar Poe’s poems at the crime scenes, hence the name Poet.

The book was intriguing and fast paced. I just wish Walling will stop sleeping around with everyone she meets and then ditch them the first chance she gets. It just gets monotonous and boring. Jack is of course a flawed character with his shades of grey peeping out throughout. I like the steps of his deduction and the narrative style of the story. It did get a little predictable towards the end but still compels you to finish.

Not much you can write about a thriller/mystery without giving away the plot, therefore to sum up I would like to state that the book was worth the cash I spent on it.


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