Painting Monet in Acrylics (with a lot of help)

I think that the series of watercolor, acrylics and oil painting instruction booklets by Search press are a gem of a discovery. Especially the ready to paint Masters series, which brings you closer to the greatest artists of all time with detailed step by step instructions. I started with Monet  and have been struggling with the work for the last four weeks.

Ready to Paint series

The completed work was supposed to look like the one below. Darker and more rugged and almost like an aged oil painting.

Bridge of Argenteuil - Noel Gregory/Monet

The one below is what my effort looked like. Its too yellow for my taste. I have to give it another glaze of the violet mix. Its just that I am so worried about ruining the painting that I make it too dilute and then there is almost no pigment on the board. Of course, my scanner is too small so the bottom and right hand side of the picture have been chopped off.

Bridge at Argenteuil

I used the acrylics by Daler Rowney. This is a 24 piece set that was considerably cheaper than the other ones around. The paints seem good enough though the color shades are a bit confusing. There are only three blues that are marked light, dark and ultramarine. I wished for one more that would be cerulean.  The greens are also very different from what you would expect them to be. The neutrals and the yellows and the reds were perfectly fine I think. But this is my first set of acrylic paints and maybe this is how the colors are meant to be.


5 thoughts on “Painting Monet in Acrylics (with a lot of help)

  1. Impressionistic… I was for a few weeks taking some tips from Anne Kullaf… you must visit her blog to borrow some helpful techniques… She always vouches for bold strokes painting a whole picture with as few a strokes as possible…maybe you can try that….


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