Versatile Blogger Award -Yippee!!!

It has happened. Proof that someone other than my brother visits my blog.

Sigh! I just wanted to put up that sign on my blog for quite some time now.

There are some rules attached to receiving the award posted on the Versatile blogger site at .

First of all, I would like to thank Sue Fenton at for nominating me for this award. I went to her site intrigued by the name of her blog and found an interesting and quirky write -up on a plethora of subjects. I find her writing intelligent and informed apart from being a fun read.

Now to choose 15 other bloggers that I love to follow.

1) Dave Mott at – I came across his illustrations one day and have been enchanted by them ever since. They are all make me smile and are happy illustrations.

2) David Derrick at – Another illustrator with a lot of fun illustrations.

3) Frugal feeding at – I don’t know his name. He is just a kid who has decided to prepare tasty dishes at an affordable price. I find that a very novel concept and love all his simple, frugal dishes.

4) C.T. Henry and John Sheridan at – A blog about books and only mystery and thrillers at that is a rare treat. You know those days when you just long for a spine chilling novel to boost up morale, you don’t have to scratch your head and grope around in the dark. Easier to visit their site pick out one from their lists.

5) Pittsburgh girl at – See, I know her husband is called Greg and her bulldog is called boba but I don’t know her name. I like her clear reviews and the books she picks up and the ‘comment conversations’ we occasionally have.

6) Dave Prager at – I don’t think he really needs my nomination but I just love his blog. I first came across his blog when I read ‘The Power of Bhaiya’ somewhere in 2009 and I was hooked. His understanding of the Indian culture and  his humorous writing style are an irresistible mix.

7) Austen Prose at – A blog for Jane Austen fans. It a great site with guest columns and reviews on new Jane Austen inspired novels that are released every year.

8) Charley Parker at – His is a blog dedicated to art with new information on artists from all over the world. Its almost like having an online art information/history book to browse through on the net. I have been introduced to the works of so many great artists through his blog that I would never have known about otherwise. Thank you for a lovely blog Charley.

9) Feride at – Feride has an amazing food blog with recipes from Azerbaijan! I love both the recipes and her simplistic writing.

Well, that’s my list for now and will add some more in a few days.

The third step when being a recepient of this award/nomination is to tell 7 things about yourself

1) I am hooked to Gardens of Time on facebook. I don’t talk to friends or leave messages just log in play, finish my energy points, log out, wait for two hours for the energy points to  gather again and repeat the whole thing again and again.

2) I forget. I don’t know why it is but I can’t retain too much information in my head. I forget names, stories from the books I read, days of the week etc.

3) I read continuously nowadays. The moment I drop one book I pick up another. I read in the commercial breaks of the serials on television, while taking a shower, which is very difficult, on the train, in restaurants and coffee shops. . I don’t even want to stop reading long enough to write reviews.

4) I don’t like the Simpsons.

5) I am trying to reduce weight by thinking about it a lot. So far, the results are discouraging.

6) I have been unemployed for almost three years now. The main reason I think when I examine my conscience is that I don’t want to be tied down by a job that will not leave me the freedom to travel home and stay there for at least 3 months a year.

7) I am 4 feet 11 and 1/2 inches tall but I always say I am 5.


11 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award -Yippee!!!

  1. Thanks for nominating me!! And I love seeing what blogs you read–I subscribed to a few of them myself! And I had to laugh out loud–I’m not a Simpson’s fan either, and I’m 4 foot 10 1/2!! It’s rare to meet someone else who’s under 5 feet–let alone on a blog! 🙂 I appreciate your comments and book suggestions–keep them coming!


  2. You are a lot “taller” than that darling! Trust me on this… for I have known you for almost 8 years now (how time flies!) and you have only grown taller in all those years.

    I do believe that the main reason for your unemployment is me wanting you to be around me all the time :-)… On a more serious note, at least you have enough time to pursue your more artistic faculties and not get bound in a normal 9 to 5 job.

    I also sincerely hope that you stop reading non-stop, it has almost become an obsession with you. I know that you badly need a holiday, sorry for all my silly materialistic preoccupations.


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