The Break

I am finally home!! With no internet connectivity for some reason. Right now I am stealing a few moments on my  dear Mosu’s computer in his office at work. Have lots to write about. Will try to get my hands on an internet connection as soon as I can. But I am home. Walking to my friends beautiful fairytale home, breathing in the the natural pine scent, eating all the gorgeous food I can find and generally finding 24 hours too short in a day 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Break

  1. … and those snow capped mountains, that aroma of a tea garden (especially during the evening walks), the moonlit nights along with the evening chill and of course that soothing sing-song Himachali (Pahari) dialect.

    But us lesser mortals are sweating it out in much harsher climes of Southern India.


  2. Hey Malvika, hi this is Pooja Parashar from Hamirpur, Himachal…I salute you for your work with Himachali Cuisines… I am working on discovering the lost cuisines of himachal including the meat recipes… i must say your blog is a big help… i love your pic from marriage n your ‘nath’… you look beautiful in this pic… stay blessed and keep doing the great


  3. Dying to read a new post from you. I can only imagine how beautiful your next post would be with all the wonderful details of “The Break”. Hope you have lots to share when you are back … 🙂


  4. Hi malvika im neetu from palampur. G8 job really itswonderful to read the himachali recipes. I also like documenting the traditional recipes of the state . eagerly waiting 4 ur next delicious recipe.


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