Monet in Acrylic – Not as easy as it looks

After working and re-working on it for more than a month I have finally decided to stop. This is another work from the book Ready to Paint Masters – Monet in Acrylics.

Acrylics is a new medium for me and though the instructions in this SearchPress book are as good as all their other volumes, I have still struggled. Also, Colors are different for different manufacturers and sometimes it is almost guess work to try and choose the right shade when the only differentiation for you is light, dark or medium green and the artist is calling for sap or hooker’s green.


5 thoughts on “Monet in Acrylic – Not as easy as it looks

  1. … yes, the anomaly in the color industry is a lack of standard. My favorite medium was transparent watercolor, and I used mostly Grumbacher and Shiva colors. I just erased the names from my mind, squeezed the color onto the palette, then made selections by sight. Acrylic is a great medium, it another of the opaque watercolors … anything to avoid that turpentine odor throughout the room. … lol


  2. Thank you for the like on “Neighbourly Tomatoes”. Very kind of you. Yes, Monet is very difficult and I give you praise for going after this task. I have moments, than I hesitate. I look forward to your new adventure. Sincerely, dleeo


      1. I’ll keep in touch … I’m trying simulaneously to become acquainted with my WordPress website and some new video creating software … I’m pretty much set on overload right now, but hopefully I’ll dig my way up to daylight soon. Love from Sherry and Bill


      2. yes… I saw the testing, testing post which unfortunately didnot appear on your website and I surmised as much 🙂 Do put up more of your work soon … Luv and luc to both of you 🙂


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