Kindle and Me

So apart from the great fun we had when Madhabi di had come over, the main event was the gift she got me. It was a Kindle! And her sister-in-law Antara gave me approximately 3000 books to begin my collection with.

Soaking up the Sun with my Kindle
Soaking up the Sun with my Kindle

Now let me be honest and tell you that I was a member of the ‘anti-Kindle’ family for a long time since I felt we were losing the allure of reading books in the traditional way. That is, until a few months ago. As I spent my book allowance month after month on books that I would read only once and that too not very enthusiastically, I decided to download such books from the internet and try reading them on my old laptop.  Once I started, there was no looking back. The only drawback was this laptop is around 10 kgs in weight and has a problem with the batteries so it must be plugged in at all times.  And so I lugged it around the house and even on a 15-day vacation that I took, irritating my husband no end as he had to carry it around in his backpack for a fortnight, thus confirming my position as a convert to the ‘pro- Kindle’ party by the beginning of 2013.

When my friend announced the Kindle as a gift, I was stunned! For one thing it isn’t a little bauble, but really expensive in India at this point and it was incredibly generous of her to think of such a gift for me. I had envisioned a long battle for Kindle against my husband’s fond wish to present me an iPhone, (which I had absolutely no desire of owning) and other household goods that seem to take precedence over a book-reader. When I got over my surprise at getting something I wanted so easily, I spent quite one hour just staring at the box, absolutely enthralled by it.

For details about the product that I got and the only one available in India, visit the Amazon Kindle site.

Mein aur mera Kindle..
Mein aur mera Kindle, aksar ye batein karte hain….

After using it day and night for the past 20 days, I am able to list some pro’s and cons for others wondering if it is worth it.


  • It is extremely lightweight. In fact it takes getting used to. You won’t even know it’s in your purse carrying your personal stash of around 1400 books.
  • It is about 6.5″ x 4.5″ in dimensions and so really small.
  • The paper white screen is great to read even in full sunlight without any glare as in ordinary screens. This was a really important point for me.
  • It has a wi-fi connection and you can browse the internet and shop at your Kindle store easily.
  • The battery life is really good. It has lasted almost 2 weeks for me considering that it has been working continuously during that time.
  • The page forward buttons  conveniently located just where your thumb would be, and along both sides of the length of the Kindle to accommodate both right and left-handed readers are genius.
  • Save money on the books you would otherwise have to buy alongwith storage space.


  • You can’t read with the lights off in this version as the screen is not back-lit.
  • The keypad takes some getting used to as the keys have been arranged in alphabetical order rather than the way they are on the keyboard.
  • Everything is only in black & white. It’s not really so much a setback as a niggle.

If you are someone like me who reads all the time, a Kindle is the best thing  to ever happen to you, but if you read one book every few months, then it doesn’t make sense. The most important thing for me is the possibility to now pick and choose books that I would like to adorn a library, which are invariably expensive and which I would never have bought earlier when I calculated how many normal books I could buy in the same amount. Yes, quantity was important as I feel limbless without a book near me at all times.


8 thoughts on “Kindle and Me

  1. … I hear you loud and clear …. I acquired the compulsion to draw and paint ink drawings and watercolor paintings … at age 71; I retired and by happenstance was introduced to a computer from which I discovered digital art …. like you, there was no turning back. What stole my heart away was the button you clicked on which said “undo last brush stroke” … lol .. try to do that with watercolor. I love your website. Love from Sherry and Bill


  2. Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading
    your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go
    over the same subjects? Thank you!


    1. Hey! thanks for visiting. If by the same subjects you mean books.. then there are innumerable writeups by people from all over the world. If you login to the site and just look up their list of topics you will find a much larger collection and variation of writings than the few I could tell you about. also has a lot of old blogs on books and recipes and other everyday things in life. It takes a bit of time to explore and choose the ones that you want to follow, but I find that to be a lot of fun.


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