The New Watercolor Project – Wild Belladonna Lilies in Spring

After months of agonizing over this watercolor painting of wild Belladonna Lilies, I have decided that I can’t really do anything to save it and since I did announce the project on WordPress, I must be honest enough to put up the result for all to view.

In the beginning..
In the beginning..

The moment I had finished with the first wash I knew that blue was completely wrong but there seemed little that I could do about it. And the shadows seemed to take up a life of their own; the colors either became too blue or too red but never seemed to come just right.

After months of agonizing over it...
After months of agonizing over it…

As you can see the background is extremely detailed and extremely bright while the fore-front of the painting is an amalgam of washes in different hues. If there ever was a complete imbalance of technique it is here. I can only be thankful that the I got the perspective and the distances almost correct. Also, I think the pencil work was not so bad either for a freehand drawing.

Like an aging lady...
Like an aging lady…

Like an aging lady, this painting looks a little better in soft lighting; or so I would like to believe. I will never be able to hang it up for public inspection in my home but at least I did try.


12 thoughts on “The New Watercolor Project – Wild Belladonna Lilies in Spring

  1. I agree with your father, and I really like the background. The bright blue sky, the sunny highlights and the long shadows gives it that crisp feeling of spring. I’m just starting out with water colours myself, much smaller sketches. I’m hoping my patience doesn’t run out before my technique improves…


    1. Thank you so much for visiting. And my dad will be ecstatic that someone else agrees with him. 🙂 I absolutely loved your balcony garden btw. Good luck with your work, watercolors are really difficult.


  2. I liked your critique of your painting process. We learn so much from each work we create. Such courage you show displaying and discussing a failed painting. The next painting you do will reflect what you’ve learned.


    1. Thank you for visiting. I can critique it so critically because I have a close friend who is an artist herself and I have seen the process first hand and the skill with which the colors flow under her command. Plus, I have spent innumerable hours pouring over other people’s work ( that’s how I found you :)) and can confidently say that I can recognise a good technique when I see it. Watercolors are therapeutic and extremely frustrating for me at the same time. I thought they’d be so easy… was I ever so wrong?!?


      1. Thank you for your vote of confidence. My husband is actually a professional watercolor artist. His strokes are masterful and confident. I learn from each of my paintings, because there is always something I wish I had done differently, but you know watercolor….You can’t change it once it is put on the paper. I think that is why watercolor artists spend alot of time studying and thinking before actually laying down brushstrokes.

        I’m looking forward to painting some of the sights I drew and photographed in Mexico. Will be interested in your critiques.


    1. Ty 🙂 All encouragement is thankfully and blissfully appreciated and shamelessly soaked up 🙂 I am no expert in the arts either, if only i hadn’t been friend’s with a woman who just seems to splash color onto a canvas randomly and create a shimmering masterpiece in about 5 minutes, i would probably have had no qualms about this work at all. Too much information is not always a good thing- don’t you think?


  3. I’m late commenting, but figured I would anyway. I think you are doing beautifully. I have done watercolor for years. My wife picked it up just last year and is a natural at it. She waited so long because it was “my thing.” I am so happy she started and I’m a little sad it was because of me she waited. I am happy that you paint and are not afraid to share it. Don’t fret too much over your paintings, just enjoy. I suspect your husband appreciates your efforts. 🙂


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