Thank you fellow Bloggers & Leave a Message Hometowners

This is a shout out to all my blogger friends, who have visited my site for the past few weeks and even left comments on old posts when there was no new stuff to see. I have been on my annual vacation home, where the internet connection is always extremely dicey. Though to be honest if I had really wanted to, I would have found a way. Now my vacation is winding down and I am waking up to the routine things of everyday life.

I read a lot these last few days and so I probably have material worth about 50 posts in book reviews in my mind. Whether they make it on to paper is quite another thing.

I want to thank  Word Wabbit  and Mary at Oil Pastels by Mary, for nominating me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. It is very sweet of you to have taken the time to go through my blog and the awards are an inspiration for me to be more serious about my blogging and writing.  I need time to sit and go through the long list of blogs I follow and the ones I find every day to try to choose the ones that inspire me the most.

A message also to my friends from college and school who sometimes flip across my blog, thank you so much. It is surprising when I bump into all you people once in a blue moon and you tell me you read my blog and apparently even like it! It makes me feel 10 feet tall, to tell you guys the truth. I used to think nobody from home ever read what I wrote. My only request, ‘Take a few moments and leave a comment when you pass through’. Tell me what you think and I will know you have been here and also that my shy, mountain hometowners remember me.

Opening my website and finding the blinking orange button of a new message/ comment is a great ‘pick-me-up’. A hundred times better than even a cup of coffee.

Hope to start writing up a storm soon.


9 thoughts on “Thank you fellow Bloggers & Leave a Message Hometowners

  1. I’ve been traveling alot too. I was amazed when I read your opening paragraphs; I could have written the same lines: dicey internet, if motivated I could have found a way, I have material for 50 blogs, I’m waking up to routine of life. Now I’m inspired to put all that together into a travel section.


    1. This is what I love about blogging… meeting other people with similar dilemma’s from all over the world 🙂 I plan out all my blogs in my head.. it’s the putting them to paper that doesn’t happen all the time. But I seriously recommend you make that travel section.. it helps others planning their getaways and is a pleasant reminder for you.


  2. Hi Malvika, nice to see ur blog and on top ur pic of marriage on the blog. Where are you these days? I am unable to see anything new since I joined your blog.


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