“Happy Birthday to my country & me”

 "birthday card to self"

Dear Motherland,

Happy 66 free years.





Dear self,

Happy 33 carefree years




17 thoughts on ““Happy Birthday to my country & me”

  1. Dear A,
    Thank you & you do know that you can write your full name here; its not like any of your friends will visit my site and ,heaven forbid, see that my brother wished me Happy birthday 😉 Love you kiddo !!!


      1. Happy Birthday to you, dear Malvikajaswal!
        May this day bring you happiness, lots of family and friends, singing together and a large scrumptious birthday cake.


  2. Happy birthday to Dr Turned writer & Chef Malvika i know i am d last person to wish yufor 2013 but remember i m d first person to wish yu for next year…………………..


    1. Dear Roy,
      I was devastated that you of all people would forget my birthday (first time in 15 years!!) , making me wonder if I was really getting too old to celebrate birthdays, but once again you refuse to let me down. Thank you so much buddy.


  3. HAPPY 33 TO YOU …. I’m coming up on 86 in October … you are now in those PERFECT YEARS … and the years I am in have been the most pleasant for me … again HAPPY HAPPY birthday!


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