637 and counting…

637 total
637 total

It’s the monsoon and it seemed prudent to take out my books and air them.

Also, I took the opportunity of counting them.

I was thinking somewhere around 200. Boy, was I wrong!!

637 books in all. Not including the 20 or so comic strips.

Thankfully none have been attacked by the dreaded silver fish.

My husband has kindly informed me that we needn’t worry till we reach 2000.

I would be worried at 1000.

Where am I going to store them all? And yet, I don’t have the heart to sell any of them. Even the most horrible works.

But then, being the imminently practical person that I am, I probably will. After all, there’s no point in keeping books no-one will ever read.

They look so neat stacked up like that.

Now to begin putting them back. Sigh!

p.s. staccato sentence post.


9 thoughts on “637 and counting…

  1. Malvaki, I’m familiar with the problems of having too many books. I often give books away to those who need books or I sell them off. I also donate books to charity. There is something comforting in knowing that good books will be appreciated again by other readers.
    (Really bad books I toss in the bin).


    1. I always knew you are a better person than me… I just hate parting from my books. The idea of just giving them away makes my blood run cold. 😦 I love to read them, smell them, caress their worn covers…. sigh


      1. No, I believe you are a better person, not willing to let your paper babies go.
        In defence of myself, I have a book-loving teenager and after many book-bom explosions, I have grown in letting go some books. (Still our basement is stocked with books).

        I’m very sorry for you, Azhar Ali. Shall I send you a book?


  2. I feel your pain! I used to collect National Geographic magazines and coffee table (beautiful) books. If you have held either type of book in your hand, you know they are not light. Now multiply them by… let’s say a couple of 100 NG’s and 20 plus of the coffee table kind. I had a hard time giving away any even after breaking my back (and those of my friends) between apartment moves! Ah, books!


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