Darpan Sundari ( Watercolor )

070120101050This one took less time than the last one, with my husband shouting encouragement over my shoulder. I thrive under appreciation. Its the way my Dad and Mom raised me. This is second in the series of the Madanika’s that I had decided to do.

The Darpan Sundari Madanika is a beauty so besotted with herself that she is forever staring at herself in the mirror.

020120101034The tragic thing that happened with this work is that it is an inch bigger than the red one. I can see it immediately when I see them together, but hubby says its not so bad. It is glaringly evident to me but I think he is sweet.

040120101046The blue from Camlin watercolors… all the shades are gradations of Royal Blue Ink. It was difficult when I had imagined a happy blue of Cobalt but the cost of the Windsor Newton watercolor tubes is enough to make even the most hardened watercolorists fall in love with Royal blue Ink and never mention cerulean or cobalt blue in their lives.

050120101048A light wash to keep the glare of royal blue to the minimum.


Darpan Sundari !

A sense of achievement when I look at the two works together.


10 thoughts on “Darpan Sundari ( Watercolor )

  1. Absolutely beautiful, my dear Malvika, and I could certainly identify with the part about being besotted and always looking in the mirror… : )

    As always, half the fun of your posts is reading your very witty prose; I especially enjoyed your remarks about “the cost of the Windsor Newton watercolor tubes”– they’re sure to be contacting you for your endorsement… : )

    Again, beautiful work!


    1. Dear Mark,
      thank you so much. But the question is – do you really think they are good or do you think they are a bit too childish / amateur? I really would like an honest opinion from an artist like you … its because of a long discussion we were having last night about ‘how good we really arr or is it all in our minds?’


  2. One of those heavy discussions, eh?? Well, they do happen occasionally… : )

    I’m going to answer YES to both questions: Yes, I think your work is good, and yes, we all tend to think we’re better than we really are.

    Re the latter point: when I first started out, I thought my work was good. Not great, but very respectable. Now, whenever I come across my earlier work, I tend to blush and cringe and think: what absolute junk! How could you possibly have thought you were ready to compete with professionals??

    But that’s normal. I understand that now, and don’t feel quite so bad about it. Some illustrator (I forget who) once said that every artist has to get 10,000 bad drawings out of his system. Sounds discouraging, but it contains a lot of truth. It’s really just another way of saying that we’re never as good as we think we are, and that we only get better with practice. Once we accept this truth, we can start enjoying the journey.


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