Bougainvillea Glory (Acrylic)

Bougainvillea glory
Bougainvillea glory

I have been working on this one for more than a year now and it still feels incomplete. It needs touch-ups to the wall to get some depth into the work but I am just worried I might end up spoiling it in the process. And since I have removed it from the support, this canvas has been rolling around all over the place, getting scrunched and whatnot. The thing is, I like this work. It was my first foray into independent thinking or rather painting (though I picked it up from a photograph I saw courtesy Futurowoman) making decisions about the colors and the under-painting and such.

Bougainvillea glory
Bougainvillea glory

I love the Bougainvillea flower. They are hardy and such a splash of color in hot summer months in the most arid landscape available. They come in these gorgeous colors and grow in such profusion without much help from anyone. It seems like a happy flower, always has and somehow reminds me of Rajasthan, which was where I first learnt to appreciate this beauty. The colors of this plant were echoed in the clothes of the inhabitants of that desert plain and have become forever entwined in my mind.

So, if anyone has any suggestions about the acrylics for the backdrop, feel free to share.


13 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Glory (Acrylic)

      1. Dear Cheri,
        thank you so much. But the question is – do you really think they are good or do you think they are a bit too childish / amateur? I really would like an honest opinion from an artist like you … its because of a long discussion we were having last night about ‘how good we really arr or is it all in our minds?’


  1. Beautiful work, such detailing! I have to agree with the previous comment about it begin finished… a masterpiece. 🙂 “It takes two to paint. One to paint, the other to stand by and pull the brush out of his hand when it’s complete!”


  2. In the photo, the graffiti adds reality + texture. The architect in me would add a window (or something else) behind the flower on the LHS.

    [Don’t jab me with a fork, please….I’m not an artist and clearly, in a minority here. :D]


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