Lady with Parrot (Watercolor)

Lady with Parrot

The lady with the parrot is another famous sculpture from the famous Hoysala  Belur – Halebid temples in Karnataka.

Lady with Parrot
Lady with Parrot

For some reason I really struggled with her face, probably because it was at a slight angle, thus making it difficult to fit her features into the side that faced the viewer. Also, I had to get the size right and I struggled a lot with the measurements till my husband walked in and solved it in 2 secs. It was humiliating, though my husband’s expression of disbelief at my inadequacy in simple mathematics was fun to watch.

Mandanika with Parrot

The garden trellis that the women are shown to stand before are actually supposed to be the Ashoka tree and the depiction of a young, nubile female with an Ashoka tree was supposed to be a symbol of fertility.

Mandanika with parrot

When  I decided to do three figures in this series, I didn’t know what colors to choose from. They developed as I went along. Taking the primary colors in the color wheel. Well almost, since lemon yellow would have been too garish, so I went with the ‘Indian Yellow’ by Camlin.

555Finally they are all done. I am proud I finished them all and it was interesting how I much I learnt even from just these three works.


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