On becoming a working woman again…

Happiness is....
Happiness is…. Nirvana in a bookstore

This week I started a new job after almost 5 years of staying at home. To say my system has gone into ‘sleepwalk’ mode will not be wrong.

Waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning seems impossible.

Worse is, the haggling with the irascible auto-wallah‘s of Bangalore to take you to your destination without fleecing you dry.

I am hoping to get into the flow in maybe a month or so.

I have planned the menu for the next week, but the biggest drawback is that I no longer have the time to read the way I had been doing for the past few years which was almost from the moment I woke to the time I snuggled into bed. How much I miss my books may be gauged by the following example. On the first day of work, a group of girls there were sweet enough to ask me along to lunch, which however, made it impossible for me to pull out Β a book and read it while eating. So, for the last two days I have been sneaking out alone for lunch, which is a measly half an hour, to sit in a corner and read my book. Its terrible, I know and I hope my colleagues will forgive my foible which I will certainly grow out of in a few weeks. I also read in the metro on the way and to and from work which makes a grand total of about 22 minutes.

The blog comes next on the list of things I am worried about, now that I am a working woman again. I doubt Β I will have the energy to write off an article during the week and as surprising as it may Β sound, writing one post does take a long time if I want it to be something I should be reasonably proud of. I am going to try and write every weekend and stay on track with this blog which has been my lifeline for the past 5 years.

Time management is what is called for.

Reading in a bookstore
Reading in a bookstore

P.S. This was my first official weekend off and Hubby and I decided to go out like all working couples do, watch a movie, walk around a mall and eat junk-food. We walked into the Om book shop, a new bookstore in Bangalore and it was the only shop we browsed in the whole mall and ended up spending more than an hour here. They had a surprisingly good collection, not just the obvious bestsellers, and a lot of really nice cookery books.


11 thoughts on “On becoming a working woman again…

  1. Congrats on the new job. I know it’s hard to adjust, I struggled too when I started working after almost 5 years of staying at home (it becomes easier after a while).

    Isn’t Om Books great, I love their selection πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks. Me and hubby had a disagreement (read super sulks on my part) in Om’s coz I wanted to buy the expensive 3-in-1 Astreix available there:( which was deemed too childish by hubbs . I hate being thwarted even when I am not a 100% correct. Can’t wait to go back there alone πŸ˜‰


  2. Congratulations with your new job! Don’t worry; you will find creative ways to still the hunger of your inner book monster. Maybe by listening to audio-books while commuting?
    And indeed, you will be able to buy even more books.

    Maybe you can move from this job to a more bookish job? Maybe you climb up to becoming a publisher? Later having your own publishing company?

    Lots of good luck and best wishes with your new adventure.
    Love, Paula


    1. Thanks Paula πŸ™‚ This is a job as a language editor in a publishing company btw. Only its a company that deals with scientific journals and papers and stuff. Very high end but a far cry from regency romance. πŸ˜‰


      1. Okay, then, you are on your way. Do this with dedication and keep an eye on what comes up as new an opportunity.
        Have you read Byatt’s books? These are romances with lots of science combined. Whatever comes up as a learning opportunity, later will come together in a grand project.
        Again, best wishes!


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