Ladies and Gentlemen – Presenting my first ever newspaper post!

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 03 11.35

I still can’t believe I have a post in the newspaper!

Happy Diwali !!!!!

How did this come about you ask?

I came home thoroughly tired after my 2nd day at work and after finishing off the dinner preparation, collapsed on the sofa, with my trusted, much battered, HP laptop to just quickly check my e-mail and messages , if any. Imagine my surprise when I saw a message from an editor at the Deccan Chronicle, telling me she liked my blog and wished to publish a post in her paper.

To say, I completely flipped out will be an understatement! Tiredness forgotten, aching limbs forgotten, I jumped around a bit thoroughly scaring my husband, who probably thought I had finally lost my mind.

Feeling Good today!

*Takes a bow*


8 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen – Presenting my first ever newspaper post!

  1. Congrats, congrats, and again, congrats.
    You certainly are going places!
    Isn’t it lovely to have your article printed in a newspaper? No matter how short lived a newspaper is, being published give you this eternal feeling.


  2. For thousand miles to cover first step is very important and you r now left with only 999. Very nice and interesting writing. Bash on regardless baby. Congratulations and as always I m proud of u my child.


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