I’ve Got Mail!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most wonderful things happen when you least expect them to.

Here is an example :

Which reminds me, did you know about all the imprints that form a part of Random House?

Feast your eyes on the numerous logo’s in the picture above. It fair boggles the mind. Imagine the sheer number of books that come out of that single publishing house.

Though that is a wonderful thing in itself, I digress as usual, since this is not the example I am talking about.

The example is the package of review books that I received,courtesy of Random House India, last week!!

Aren’t they simply beautiful?

I could right a whole post on just that beautiful, battered brown package, moving across the length of this wonderful country, courtesy of the great Indian postal service, on its journey to my home; but lets leave that for another time.

The books I received are :

  • Dear Life – Alice Munro (published by Vintage Books, London)
  • Carry On, Jeeves – P.G.Wodehouse (published by Arrow Books)
  • The Case of The Love Commandos – Tarquin Hall (published by Hutchinson/ Arrow Books)

Thank you Random House India!!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail!!

  1. Finally your first childhood love is becoming a full time job. Lesson learnt do not force children to do things they dont want. Wish a a gra8 future in the new job.


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