Balcony Garden No. 2

I finally bought some new plants for my balcony garden. The cost of plants seems to have shot up exponentially since the last time I bought them and the charge of re-potting is just as high. The man from the nursery charged me an eye and a tooth for re-potting and then dumped this red, clayey soil into the pots and threw out all the nice black organic fertilizer mixed soil that I had worked so hard to get.

Anyway, the plants seem to be doing alright for now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed about their continued well-being.


Flowering plants are apparently not big hits in Bangalore. I see people carry away a lot of evergreens and potted palms. I wonder whether that is because of the ease of maintenance or some climatic reason.

I love Bougainvillea’s. Always have. This one was supposed to be double colors, but you can hardly spot the pink in there. The Geranium has shed all its lovely pink flowers and refuses to grow new one as of now. The Aloe vera is an offshoot from a dried up plant leftover by the previous home-owner, it is an extremely resilient plant. Once in a while, I cut off a strip of aloe and use it as a shampoo or a face mask. Makes me feel like a really salt-of-the-earth kind of person.


The Agzora is a new plant for me, and I am not at all sure how long it will last, though the guy at the nursery told me it grows into a shrub and has a good life span. The small empty looking pots actually have coriander and green chilli seeds in them and if you see real hard you can see the coriander saplings already springing out in two of them. I am not so sure about the green chilli though. Must Google it.

Dad was right. Having a garden, even a small terrace one, is really therapeutic. When I come back home in the late evening, going out and looking over the plants in the twilight makes me feel completely calm and relaxed. My husband, who never had a thing for plants his entire life, keeps popping out to see how they are doing and even waters them diligently every morning. Wonders never cease.


So here’s a Green Thumbs-up to all those wannabe gardeners living in the crush of a big city!


5 thoughts on “Balcony Garden No. 2

  1. I have a balcony pot garden too, and I agree with you on how enjoyable attending such small garden is. The plants grow wonderfully. You start with a few pots, but the plants grow and produce seeds. This brings a awareness how precious life is. Soon you find yourself buying more pots and more soil for your balcony-babies. Then the birds visit your balcony and you find yourself buying bird-food too.
    We now have a bat and butterflies, bees and flower-flies too. It is zmazing how much biodiversity a square meter of green provides.


  2. Hi Malvika!
    Wishing you a great New Year to come in 2014. I’ve stopped blogging but will continue to pop by here as your posts on food, thoughts and life are always a pleasure to read.

    Btw, I love the hole in the Missi roti….! I agree with the Aloe Vera mask. My Mom used it on us as kids post-chicken pox…it worked wonders.

    Hope you’re enjoying your new job. Take care, Radhika 😀


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