For love of Samosa’s

Close your eyes (Or rather read the paragraph and then close them, because I forget that you can’t actually hear me speak, even if in my mind you can). Imagine the aroma of a hot deep fried, perfectly spiced, potato-filled samosa wafting towards you from the kitchen. Imagine dribbling a spoonful of pudine ki chutney or tomato ketchup on top and feasting your eyes on this beauty of gastronomical perfection. Finally, imagine sinking your teeth into this savoury delicacy and experiencing heaven. I think Narnia should have had a samosa stall somewhere in the trees.

Everyone in India has a story about the perfect samosa that they ate somewhere in life. And each story is different as is the location of the perfect samosa. I think the best samosa’s are the ones that you ate only once in your life; at a friend’s party, at somebody’s wedding, at the bus-stop between two cities, or from the roadside vendor who you bumped into that day in the market. There is even a political slogan that epitomizes the endurance of the love of the Indian populace for the samosa and also a Bollywood love song about eternal lovers being the same as the potato in the samosa. Cheesy, but spot on.

I remember the samosa’s that I ate at my friends home years ago, which her sister had cooked. She never did that again, but I thought they were gorgeous.

My husband’s favourite samosa’s are ones you get in the Inox multiplex. So even though we have a nice multiplex just outside out home, we make the 6 km trip to the Inox multiplex. We have also seen some horrible movies simply because ‘it had been a long time since the last samosa binge’. And sometimes we don’t see movies, but ask the security cordon standing outside that we are only here for the samosas and could they allow us to nip in and get a few.

Yesterday, my husband asked me to bring him Inox ke samosa’s for him while coming home from work. A whole group of colleagues tagged along because they couldn’t believe someone would go to such lengths for a samosa. They suggested I buy the ones from a street cafe and trick him, but I know better to try that with him. I have never before been the one to brave the security guards standing staunch before the holy portals of the cinema and I was a bit apprehensive, but the sweet people at Inox let me go about my errand without even raising their eyebrows. I guess, they are used to requests for samosa’s from many people who are not actually attending a movie. So I returned home triumphantly with a gift of four samosa’s for my hubbles.

All this for the love of a samosa.

Feeling peckish for some reason.


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