Until the end of time – Danielle Steele

This book was provided to me courtesy of Random House India for review purposes.

I remember reading ‘Bittersweet’ by Danielle Steele as a teenager and being thoroughly demoralized by it. I thought I would give her one more try as most girls in my circle absolutely loved her work. Unfortunately, the next one I picked up was also based on the same theme as Bittersweet, that of a middle aged woman divorced by her husband for the sake of a young woman. I just don’t like stories like that, so I stopped reading her altogether. When I received this book in my book bag I was a bit apprehensive but thankfully it turned out to be quite okay, with a very Hindi movie twist.


So, lets begin.The book begins with the love story of a married couple, the wife is a consultant and muse in the fashion industry and the husband is studying to become a minister of the church. They are madly in love with each other and surprisingly their story doesn’t become jaded or taken over by the everyday things of life. It does get a bit too sweet Β at one point but then the author knows just when to stop. And then begins the second half of the story, 35 years later. Its about an Amish girl who writes a novel and sends it off to a publisher in New York and how the publisher falls for her. Its nice in a standalone way but somehow seems not to be as connected to the first part of the book as the author wanted.

It will do well for people who love modern day romances. Its on the reincarnation theme that is a beloved of all Indians. A neat and clean love story, with two couples with such a deep understanding of each other that after reading this book even I was compelled to allow my husband to watch his news channels without any cribbing from me, at least for one day.

There is an incredible amount of sweetness in this book, so be prepared for a sugar rush when you dive into this story.



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