The Random House April Book-Bag


The summer seems never-ending this year. It just goes on and on. And my top floor apartment feels like the inside of an oven 24 hrs a day. The heat actually hits you like a physical shove the moment you step in through the door. Things are no better at work, where the overworked AC breaks down at 2 in the afternoon every other day. My hair have gone dry, my face has burst out in a slew of pimples and I am tired before I reach work.

What is a body to do? Go home to the mountains you say? Ahh! Excuse me, while I indulge in a fit of frustrated, angry tears.

In the midst of all this, arrives the The Random House April book bag, like an unexpected whiff of cool breeze!!

The books this month are:

1) Gone – James Patterson

2) The Son – Jo Nesbo

3) Our Moon has Blood Clots – Rahul Pandita

Can’t wait to dig in.

Thanks Random House!




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